Hair Transplant

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Hair loss can cause significant problems in men and women. It is mostly an inherited condition. Hair transplantation should be considered when medical treatment options are insufficient. Significant progress has been made in this regard in recent years. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. According to the condition of the hair, the roots taken from the back and both sides of the head are placed in the holes prepared in the open area. Wounds and crusts formed in the area where the hair is removed and transplanted heal within a month without leaving any traces. In the success of the result, the experience of the team is as important as the size of the baldness and the quality of the hair.


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To whom should it be done?

It is applied to people who have thinning hair as a result of hereditary (genetic) or disease or who have problems due to baldness. Hair transplantation is also performed on scars, eyebrow area and different areas with hair growth problem. It is applied under local operating room conditions under the supervision of a doctor (plastic surgeon) to people who do not have a condition that prevents long-term (6-8 hours) local anesthesia (hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, various drugs, substance abuse, mental problems, etc.).

How will the result be?

You will be shown the results of previous sowing. You should know that the density of the transplanted hair can never be at the current density. The aim is to cover the bald area in the closest shape and frequency to the natural. Approximately 1 year should be waited in order to see the final situation after sowing.

What should I pay attention to first?

Those who use aspirin and similar drugs that increase bleeding should consult their physician and discontinue their medication 1 week in advance. The routine blood tests required for the surgery are taken and the procedure is started by having a light breakfast (if there is no obstacle).

How many hair follicles should I transplant?

The transplantation is enough to ensure that we get the best result in the thinned or balding area. In this regard, the direction of planting and the quality of the hair are as important as the numerical amount. Generally, a large area of ​​the head is covered or tightened with a planting between 2000-3000 roots. It is a good idea to consider a second session, as going higher can make it difficult for the patient and the team to adapt.

When can i wash

You will not be able to wash your head for the first three days. Afterwards, you can use shampoos and lotions in line with your doctor’s recommendations. You should avoid excessive sports activity for 1 month.

What are the risks?

Apart from the risks that may arise for any surgical intervention, acne-like allergic lesions may occur due to long-term use of drugs and lotions that are claimed to strengthen the existing hair and accelerate the hair loss.