Cool Sculpting

General Information About

CoolFit™ (CoolSculptingTM), provides a 20%-40% reduction in adipose tissue in regional lubrication (such as neck, arms, belly circumference, waist, back, legs, inner knees, breast size in men) that occurs in the body over the years and cannot be removed by diet and sports, It is a non-surgical regional slimming technology.

It is a single-application procedure that does not require anesthesia or surgery, and is preferred by men and women after the age of 18, especially those who do not want to compromise their daily life flows. It is a comfortable and easy treatment method for the patient and the physician, since no surgical intervention and recovery process is required. The results are permanent. Zeltiq CoolSculpting treatment for regional slimming , • FDA approved, • noninvasive (no surgical intervention and anesthesia), • single session (1 hour for each region), • protecting skin and muscle structures and affecting only adipose tissue, • pre-treatment and after medication, diet, corset etc. It is a cold lipolysis application that does not require any special preparation, • works by destroying fat cells, not reducing them, • has permanent results.

Method of application: After the procedure area(s) is determined by your doctor, it is covered with a special wet wipe-like protective material to protect the skin. The application head of the device is brought closer to the relevant area and then proceeds by itself: with a slight vacuum, the skin-subcutaneous adipose tissue is pulled into the chamber of the application head and the treatment, which will last for one hour, begins. During the process, the relevant fat layer is cooled in a controlled manner (cryolipolysis). Structural changes begin (apoptosis) in the cooled fat cells within three weeks. The changed fat cells are removed from the body through the lymphatic system within two months. Although visible results vary from person to person, they usually occur within 2-4 months. Since the adipose tissue is destroyed between 20-40%, the result is permanent.

  • If you have regional lubrication in certain parts of your body that you cannot dissolve
  • If you want to get rid of these fats naturally and without surgery.
  • Does not prefer to take drugs or chemicals
  • If you say that you can’t spare time for applications that include multiple sessions, so that your daily life is not disrupted, this treatment may be a regional thinning method for you!