Genital Aesthetics

General Information About

LABIOPLASTY: : It is aesthetic interventions for large (labium majora) and small lips (labium minora). Among the enlargement and reduction attempts due to deformity, the most common reduction attempts for the excess of the small lips are included.

VAGINAL TIGHTENING / TIGHTENING: The looseness that occurs after childbirth is removed.

HYMENOPLASTY: It is the repair of the hymen.

Cliteroplasty: It is applied as clitoral head reduction, clitoris erection or reduction according to the needs.

PERINEOPLASTY: It is a tightening attempt for the vaginal entrance and lower part.

PPUBIS AESTHETICS: Excess or sagging is removed.

G-POINT ENLARGEMENT: It is a filling application for an area in the vaginal wall.