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Prof. Dr. Aydın Gözü

Having completed his medical education at Hacettepe University, Prof. Dr. Aydın Gözü has worked in the fields of aesthetic and reconstructive surgery in Istanbul, Izmir, Paris and Washington DC for more than 20 years.

With his experience in the fields of Aesthetic-Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, he carries out his profession in his clinic located in Suadiye, Istanbul.

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The way to a peaceful, happy and successful life is to be at peace with yourself.

About the Clinic

Gozu Clinic, which was opened in Fulya Polat Tower at the beginning of 2012, continues to serve in its new location in Suadiye as of March 2020. In this location, which is preferred due to its proximity to the popular haunts of Bağdat Avenue in Istanbul and its ease of transportation, we have been continuing the services we have been offering in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery for years, with a renewed spirit and understanding that all precautions are taken after the epidemic.

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Who is Facial Rejuvenation for?

Adults who have problems with signs of aging on their face and who want to look more vigorous and fresh are suitable candidates.

Is non-surgical breast augmentation possible?

No way! Breast augmentation is not possible with drugs or liquid injections, and such products can harm your health. Since oil, stem cell and similar applications are still in the experimental stage, their efficacy and safety are not known.

What is the difference between the freezing fat splitting method and the others?

Laser, ultrasonic waves, and other surgical methods damage other tissues by burning, breaking up, and extracting them. Your body needs time to heal. But CoolSculpting does not incinerate other cells. Developed by Harvard scientists, this unique FDA-approved and patented method targets and destroys subcutaneous fat cells, freezing them to the point of elimination. Only fat cells freeze. Nothing will happen to your other tissues. Not a knife mark, not a mark, not a stain. The crystallized fat cells are naturally removed from the body. In a few months, you will regain your new self.

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Who can have breast reduction and lift?

Large and drooping breasts can negatively affect quality of life depending on appearance and weight. Back and waist pains due to posture disorders, breastfeeding problems, bra strap marks on the shoulders, restriction in sports and similar activities, and psychological problems are common.